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DC Royalty, CCH(Cand) Homeopathy Consultations & Wellness Education

Holistic, Alternative Wellness Care With Homeopathy In Tennessee & Beyond
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Safe, Gentle, No Drug Dependency, No Side Effects
Treats The Cause Of The Suffering, Not Just The Symptoms
Can Be Used In Conjunction With Other Health Care Modalities
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"He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything!"  Arabian Proverb 

Think Healthy Choices 

Think Homeopathy As A Way To Heal  
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(W)Holistic, effective treatment with no side effects.  Treats the root cause of the problem instead of only suppressing the symptoms.  Using homeopathic remedies does not create drug dependency and is very gentle on your body.  Babies, children, pregnant women, elderly and sensitive people as well as women, men and our pets can take the remedies without risk of harm or side effects.  

Natural Healing With Homeopathy In Clarksville, Tennessee and Kentucky
DC Royalty, CCH(Cand) 
Consultations & Education
139 Dean Drive, #9
Clarksville, Tennessee 37040
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Vaccine Alternative/Homeoprophylaxis


Completed the supervisory training for Homeoprophylaxis: The Vaccine Alternative


If you are interested in an effective alternative to vaccines for your child or yourself Homeoprophylaxis is the answer.


Click the above link entitled Homeoprophylaxis/Vaccine Alternative to learn more and then call me if you have questions or want to start the process.





Hi, my name is DC Royalty.  I have been using and studying homeopathy for over twenty years.  I have successfully used homeopathy for myself, family members, friends and animal family members during this time.   I am very excited to offer homeopathy in Clarksville and Tennessee whereby I can share my enthusiasm and homeopathy successes with others.  I look forward to working with clients and being a part of your alternative and complementary healing journey.  

I have studied homeopathy extensively and have a Diploma of Homeopathy from the Nashville School of Homeopathy, Nashville, Tennessee and also from the British Institute for Homeopathy.  I have studied extensively with Robert Field, Resonance School of Homeopathy in Reno, Nevada.  I recently completed a year of Lou Klein's Master Clinician Course in Homeopathy. 

I have had the opportunity to study with some of modern homeopathy's greats such as Lou Klein, Jeremy Sherr, Glenn DuPree, DVM, Robert Field, Karen Allen, Vega Rozenberg at ESSH, Amy Rothenberg, ND, Christine Chambreau, DVM, and Will Taylor, MD, Tanya Kell, Carol Krone, to name a few. 

Homeopathy Is:








Complementary To Other Health Care Modalities


No Drug Dependency


No Side Effects






Allows Your Body To Heal Itself Naturally


Natural Substances  





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My Love For Homeopathy Stems From The Results I See Not Just From My Belief In Its Theory 

Member, National Center for Homeopathy (NCH)

Member, North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH)

Click on the link below to peruse the NCH's website and to learn more about homeopathy

National Center for Homeopathy

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Wholistic Help, LLC
Homeopathy Consultations & Education
139 Dean Drive, #9
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